Saturday, January 15, 2005
Biorythms Defined
What are Biorhythms?

Bio means life, and rhythm means a regulated cycle. Biorhythms describe a human’s physical, emotional and intellectual states. These three characteristics undergo rhythmical cycles where we experience a positive phase during the first half of the cycle and a negative phase during the second half of the cycle. When cycles change from positive to negative, or vice versa, critical days occur. Critical days are those where the body and mind go through unstable stages. Positive, negative, and critical days for each state are further explained later. The cycles begin from the first day we are born and have different duration. That means when we are in a positive emotional cycle, our physical cycle could be negative. Since biorhythms are only dependent on the day of birth, everyone’s biorhythms are different. Biorhythms have been around for about one hundred years. Two German doctors, Herman Swoboda and Wilhelm Fleiss, were the pioneering researchers in this field. Their work and the researches of many others were brought together in a book by George S. Thommen titled "Is This Your Day?". In this book and many others the validity of biorhythms has been proven and backed up by numerous researches. You have to decide for yourself if biorhythms will work for you.

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